Research Supervision: How to become a good doctoral supervisor ONLINE

08.09.2020 09:00
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09.09.2020 17:00
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Are you new to doctoral supervision? Will you supervise your first doctoral candidate in a short time or have you already been involved in (co-)supervision?
In Germany, supervisors need not obtain a specific formal qualification for research supervising. Still, the scope and quality of supervision have an influence on the success of a doctoral candidate. This workshop is designed to exchange on tools and good practices in doctoral supervision. It will focus on the following aspects:
• Introduction on national and international developments in doctoral supervision
• Reflection on supervisory styles, typical problems and challenges
• Recruitment of doctoral researchers and preparation for supervision
• Clarifying mutual expectations
• Instruments and tools for supervising tasks during the whole PhD trajectory

This workshop is addressing first generations of supervisors, especially postdocs who aim at pursuing an academic career and who want to prepare for their future task of supervising doctoral researchers. Prior experiences in doctoral supervision are not necessary.

ECTS 1.0
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