Keep on Rockin‘! Mental Health for Doctoral Candidates and Postdocs (ONLINE)

12.01.2021 09:00
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19.01.2021 12:30
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20,00 EUR
Writing your PhD thesis comes with great responsibility: conducting excellent research and standing your ground in the academic arena, while also taking care of yourself and your mental health to prevent crisis or burnout. This interactive and pragmatic workshop illustrates how you can strengthen your mental health to master the demands and challenges of the academy.

We will first focus on the factors creating mental and physical stress, and explore their impact on health and productivity. Then, we will elaborate on early symptoms and warning signs, so you can sense when they arise, how intense they are and what causes them. The course then explains how you can introduce the mental health toolkit in your daily and weekly routines, when you lose your zest or are faced with more lasting problems. You will also create your own schedule, including academic duties as well as tasks and downtime for balance and resilience, so you can, in the long run, keep on rockin' in the academy.

January 12 AND 19, 2021

ECTS 0.5
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