How to Start a Research Group

11.11.2021 09:00
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11.11.2021 12:00
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As an early career researcher, starting a junior research group is often the next crucial step in the academic career. However, leading a junior research group is crucially different from doing work as a doctoral or postdoctoral researcher. 

During this workshop we will discuss the path to starting a Junior Research Group, highlight crucial aspects and what you can work on early during your career to make sure you have a competitive profile.  In the first year as a junior research group leader, one encounters a lot of new situations experiences and tasks. Some of these one might expect, while other situations can be completely unexpected. We will discuss what you can do to successfully start and manage your research group once you have secured funding for your group.
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04.10.2021 09:00
Dr. Mark Gresnigt

Dr. Mark Gresnigt is Junior Research Group Leader at the Leibniz Institute of Natural Product Research and Infection Biology - Hans Knoell Institute (HKI), Head of Adaptive Pathogenicity Strategies.