Training for Interdisciplinary Communication and Collaboration

26.01.2023 09:00
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27.01.2023 16:00
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Researchers collaborate with colleagues from other disciplines on many occasions: research projects, academic boards and committees, non-academic work environments, etc. Frequently, different disciplinary perspectives and cultures cause misunderstandings and challenging situations. In this workshop you will learn about, and reflect upon, methods and strategies which allow researchers and scientists from different backgrounds to communicate and work with one another.
You will learn how people from other fields typically think, reason, judge, and carry out their research. At the same time, you will deepen your understanding of your own discipline.
Please bring along a photo of your workplace. If you work in different places (lab, office etc.), please take a picture of all of them.
Selbstbuchung möglich ab
15.11.2022 09:00
Doctoral and postdoctoral researchers
Max. Anzahl Teilnehmende
1.0 ECTS-Credits
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This course is creditable for certificate programmes:
  • Leadership in Academia – Area "Fundamental questions of Sciences and Humanities"
  • Leadership in Industry and Society – Optional Area
  • Science Management – Area "Fundamental questions of Sciences and Humanities"
  • Start-up Management – Optional Area

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