Spreadsheet Workshop

01.11.2022 08:00
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01.11.2022 12:00
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In this workshop, we will introduce possible pitfalls as well as some good practice guidelines when creating spreadsheets.

Spreadsheets, they are loved, hated and for many people indispensable. In science, they are a widely used way to organize data. However, there are many pitfalls and the uncritical handling of spreadsheets can lead to sever misunderstandings or problems, as the loss of data about more than 10,000 COVID-19 cases in the UK shows. But also without such severe consequences, spreadsheets can be a source of annoyance if files that were created by others or just in a different software are not understandable or usable without additional effort.
In addition, good data documentation will be discussed and Colectica will be introduced as a tool. The workshop consists of theoretical and interactive part. The exercises are demonstrated in Excel, but can also be applied to other systems.
Inhaltliche Schwerpunkte
  • Good practice in creating spreadsheets
  • Data documentation (metadata)
  • Colectica presentation
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